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Getting creative ideas for blog topics is probably one of the most difficult aspects for most bloggers, especially if you are not 100% confident in the particular topic you are dabbling with.

I know all about it, as I too have struggled to get ideas for blog topics. My wife is the creative one, with a great writing ability, whereas I sometimes feel like pulling out my hair with frustration because I can’t put what I know onto ‘paper’ if you can call the computer screen paper 🙂

The good news is that you are NOT the only one who struggles to get ideas for blog topics. Many of the world’s leading bloggers experience the same problem. Here’s a quote from one of the top blogs in the world:

Ahh, isn’t it a good feeling to know that you are not alone in this particular struggle? Even the world’s best struggle with this.

What is the solution to this problem? What can you do to get more ideas for blog topics?

Walk with me as I go about getting enough blog topics to last me a year (if I do a post once a week) for the new golfing blog that I am working on.

I would like you to do this with me. Decide what general content you want to work on, and see how many blog topics you can come up with.

Are you ready to do this? Let’s go!

STEP 1: Establish Exactly What It Is That You Want To Talk About

What do you want to talk about? Do you want to talk about sport, travel, animals or making money from home?

Once you have established exactly what you are going to be talking about in the broad sense, work out more specific topics, which we will call keywords e.g. if you want to talk about sport, be specific and choose keywords like I have chosen for my new golf blog:

  • “Golf courses”
  • “Golf Tips”
  • “Golf Equipment”

You will now see in the next steps how just these three keyword combinations can lead you to months of ideas for blog topics.

STEP 2: Use a Keyword Tool to Turn Your Chosen Keywords Into Powerful Blog Topics

In this step, I simply take the keywords that I have chosen (in this case ‘Golf Courses, Golf Tips, and Golf Equipment) and put them into a Keyword Tool.

I have used the powerful Keyword Tool called Jaaxy and entered my chosen keywords into it which then gives me many popular variations of those keywords.

The first keywords that I used was ‘Golf Courses’:


Blog Topics for Golf Courses


As you can see all I needed to do was type in my keywords, ‘Golf Courses‘, and then Jaaxy gave me a whole list of popular searches related to those keywords.

This process is similar to the process we use in Keyword Research for SEO, but the focus here is to simply get ideas for blog topics. You will do the more complicated keyword research when you are ready to write your content.

I am also not necessarily looking to use these suggestions word for word, but I will use them to get my mind into gear in order to think about ways in which I can use those suggestions to create great blog topics.

Let’s take the keywords ‘best golf courses in England‘. All I need to do with those words is just enhance it a little by making it more specific, by saying ’10 Best Golf Courses In England’. And VOILA, I have my first blog topic. Here is a list of more blog topics I came up with from the suggested keywords (You don’t have to use specific info like numbers and stats for this exercise, as you are just looking for ideas for now. I have added numbers just to help me visualise how the content would take shape):

  • 100 Best Golf Courses in the World
  • 10 Best Golf Courses in England
  • 15 Most Famous Golf Courses
  • 7 Best Golf Course Hotels in the World
  • 7 Differences between a Public and a Private Golf Course
  • The 10 Most Challenging Golf Courses in the USA

Now onto the next set of keywords: ‘Golf Tips’

I did exactly the same thing:


Blog Topics for Golf Tips


Here is the list of ideas for blog topics I got from the above search:

  • Top 20 Golf Tips for Chipping
  • 10 Best Golf Tips on Putting
  • 50 Golf Tips for Gaining Distance for Women
  • 25 Best Golf Videos of All Time
  • 15 Best Free Golf Tips on YouTube
  • 101 Golf Tips for Beginners
  • 25 Free Golf Tips Online
  • 31 Top Mental Golf Tips

The same thing for my keyword search for ‘Golf Equipment’:


Blog Topics for Golf Equipment


Here is the list of ideas for blog topics that I got from that search:

  • 5 Golf Websites Where You Can Get Discounts
  • 15 Things You Need to Know About Ping Golf Equipment
  • 25 Best Golf Training Equipment
  • 10 Differences Between Men and Ladies’ Golf Equipment
  • 15 Best Golf Equipment Review Blogs
  • Cheap vs Expensive Golf Equipment: What’s Best for Your Game?

As you can see, that was stupidly easy! With only 3 searches, I came up with 20 ideas for blog topics.

Now let’s move on.

STEP 3: Use Google’s Auto – Complete Function to Create Further Ideas for Blog Topics

The next tool that I am going to use is Google’s Auto-complete function. This is also very easy to use and is 100% FREE. You will get to see first hand what people are searching for the most relating to your chosen keywords.

This is how it works:

In the Google search box, I typed in my first keywords e.g. Golf Courses, and then after those keywords I added a letter of the alphabet, in this instance, the letter ‘a‘, and then Google will give me the top searches that people are typing in related to those chosen keywords.


Blog Topics - Google Alphabet Search

As you can see I immediately have 4 ideas for blog topics on just the letter ‘a’…I’ve still got another 25 letters to go 🙂

This is really not that difficult…

After going through the alphabet up until the letter ‘L’, these are the ideas for blog topics that I got:

  • 10 Best Golf Courses Around Pretoria
  • 5 Most Difficult Golf Courses Around Johannesburg
  • The 5 Cheapest Golf Courses Around Cape Town
  • 5 Best Golf Courses Around Brisbane
  • How Do You Buy Golf Courses for Sale?
  • Top 10 Golf Courses Along the Garden Route, South Africa
  • Best 20 Golf Courses to Work At
  • What Is the Most Popular Golf Course In Las Vegas?
  • Top 100 Golf Tips and Drills
  • 12 Best Golf Tips After a Long Lay- Off
  • 10 Most Popular Golf Tips Blogs
  • 25 Golf Tips for Golf Course Management
  • 15 Golf Tips for Playing in Cold Weather
  • Top 10 Golf Tips for Driving Straight
  • 10 Best Golf Tips for an Effective Downswing
  • 20 Best Golf Tips for Great Etiquette
  • Tour Pros Best Golf Tips for Eliminating your Slice
  • What Golf Equipment Can You Buy On Amazon
  • How Do You Buy Golf Equipment On Amazon
  • USPGA’s Top Golf Equipment Brands
  • Top Golf Equipment Brands for Seniors
  • What Are the Ultimate Golf Equipment Essentials?
  • How Do I Get Finance For Golf Equipment

This means that I have now got 43 ideas for blog topics…after only 3 easy steps…and there is still more ways of generating ideas for blog topics.

STEP 4: The Power of BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a great place to go to if you want to see what the most popular blog posts relating to your chosen keywords are in terms of social shares (it’s a no – brainer that you want to see what content is getting the most shares as that is obviously the content that you audience is hungry for)

Take a look here:


Ideas for blog topics - BuzzSumo entry point


All you need to do is enter your chosen keyword into the search bar. In this case, I entered my keyword ‘Golf tips‘ into the search bar. Once I entered my keywords, I was shown the most shared / popular blog posts related to my keywords.


Blog Topics - BuzzSumo - Most popular content


Easy! From this search I have come up with the following ideas for blog topics:

  • Tips For The Perfect Golf Swing
  • 18 Great Mental Tips
  • Tips From Tiger Wood’s Best Golf Shots
  • How to Cut Your Handicap in Half in 30 Days
  • Golf’s Top 100 Teachers
  • 5 Tips to Calm Your Nerves Under Pressure
  • 5 Tips to Cure Your Slice
  • Bentley Enters The Golf Equipment Market…$100 000 Golf Clubs Anyone?
  • Latest High Tech Equipment
  • What Is The Best Club of All Time
  • High School Golf Equipment You’ll Never See On Tour
  • What Is The Best Gym Equipment For Golfers?

STEP 5: The Power Of Leveraging Social Media For Winning Blog Topics

Let’s be honest, most people spend a lot of time on social media, so what better place to look for ideas for blog topics than here, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linked in and more…

Twitter, for example, is an extremely powerful search engine and super easy to use. This is what I came up with:

Blogs Topics - Twitter Search


Once you’ve entered in your keywords then you will be given all the most popular posts / articles / tweets based on those keywords.


Blog Topics - Content Twitter


From the above post, I can get the ‘What You Need To Know To Get Out Of That Sand Trap‘ as one of several possible blog topics.

After using Twitter search for my other keywords, this is what I came up with:

  • Everything You Need To Know To Finally Get Out of That Sand Trap
  • The Best Green Reading Tips From Some of The Best Tour Pros
  • How to Boost Your Pre-round Confidence in 5 Easy Steps
  • Do You Have To Be Young to Play Golf?
  • 10 Easy Steps to Hole More Putts This Weekend!
  • Tips From The World’s Best On How To Get Out Of The Rough
  • Equipment Review of Mizuno’s Latest Irons
  • 10 Prettiest Courses on the LPGA Tour
  • 10 Best Courses Designed by The Big Three
  • 20 Of The World’s Most Difficult Courses
  • 15 Most Beautiful Golf Resorts
  • The Best Quotes About The World’s Best Golf Courses
  • What Is The Latest in Golf Technology
  • What Is Anti-Bend Golf Equipment?

I now have 69 possible blog topics, which means if I do one blog post per week, I will have well over a year’s worth of blog topics for me to use…and I’ve just used 5 steps.

STEP 6: Feedly – A Wealth Of Ideas for Blog Topics At Your Fingertips

Another great source of ideas for blog topics is in your RSS Feed.

My personal favourite is Feedly. It is easy to use as it just organises the blog posts neatly. AND It is FREE to use 🙂

This is how I get ideas for blog topics with Feedly:


Blog Topics - Feedly


Once you’ve opened your account with Feedly (if you haven’t done so already), you will go to your Dashboard where you search for the most popular blogs on whatever you are interested in. For me, my interest is golf.


Blog Topics - Feedly Dashboard


Once you’ve chosen which blogs you want to have in your feed, you’ll be able to see their most popular posts. Use these posts to get more ideas for blog topics.

Here are some more blog topics that I came up with:

  • What Makes the US Open at Oakmont CC A Landmine For Those With Yips?
  • How To Hit High and Soft Pitches
  • What The US Open 2016 Tee Times?
  • Is Oakmont The Toughest US Open Venue? Here Is What The Stats Say.
  • How To Get Out Of Old Crusty Sand

This gives me a total of 74 blog topics, which should keep me occupied for a while 🙂

STEP 7: Back To ‘Professor’ Google, This Time In The News

Sometimes it’s hard for me to think of a world without Google. I love it!

Another tool that Google offers is in Google News. You can personalise your news feed to only show you what you want to see. All you need to do is open your own Google account if you haven’t already done so.

I did this for my chosen keywords:


Blog Topics - Google News


These are the blog topics that I got from Google News:

  • Most Effective Tips for Learning Distance Control With Your Wedges
  • How To Use Ratio Chipping to Reduce Your Short Game Score
  • Improve Your Chipping With One Handed Practice Sessions
  • 10 Steps To Increase Driver Power and Speed
  • 7 Steps To Get Your Golf Swing on The Correct Plane
  • How To Execute The Perfect Punch Shot
  • How To Get The Perfect Posture For Your Golf Swing
  • Odyssey Putter Review
  • FootJoy and their Performance Fitting System

A Total Of 83 Blog Topics In 7 Easy Steps!

And we’re done!

How many  blog topics did you come up with? Do you have more ways of generating ideas for blog topics? Please let me know in the comments below.

As you can see it is actually very easy, very simple to get ideas for blog topics if you know how to use the many tools that are at your disposal.

You don’t have to be super creative or be the best writer in the world to get an endless supply of topics to write about. Of course knowing what you can write about is only the beginning, as you still need to write the content around your new blog topics. But at least you now know what you CAN write about.




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